HANA AYOUB is a career and executive coach for high achievers and organizations who want align priorities in pursuit of dynamic success.

With a strong professional background in the corporate sector, including six years at Blackstone, Hana draws on her own experiences and formal coaching training to create customized programs that maximize potential and ignite growth. She offers diverse facilitation structures and leverages an inside-out approach that illuminates personal missions, skills, and incentives to reveal opportunities for positive change.

She earned her coaching certification through New York University’s School of Professional Studies, has pursued additional relevant coursework (including a semester on the science of coaching psychology at Harvard Extension School), and is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator facilitator.


Hi, I’m Hana!

A lot of people ask me, “How did you end up as a career and executive coach?” Well, it wasn’t by taking the shortest, most direct path...

My inquisitive process was borne out of my own burn-out: Prior to launching my coaching practice in 2015, I spent 13 years in the corporate sector, six of those at Blackstone, a premier global investment firm, where I created and led one of the company’s key analyst recruitment and training programs. After asking myself, What’s next?, one too many times, I sought out a career coach and began navigating my own professional transition.

With the support of a great coach, I discovered what I loved about my work, why it mattered to me, and how I could get more of it.

My passion is professional development — helping organizations and individuals align their priorities to maximize their potential. I’m most fulfilled when I’m setting others up for success, and finding a career path that aligns my skills with my interests has been a transformational experience. The journey has also shown me that there is a deep, genuine need for professional support that guides people and teams as they strategize on and work towards whatever is next.


Today, I continue to draw on my own experiences as a repeat coaching customer to expand my offerings and address the unique needs of clients. I’m proud and humbled to say that coaching has led to positive, profound changes in nearly every aspect of my life, and allowed me to initiate the same for others.