Perspective is everything, and sometimes, to move forward, we first have to step back.

Drawing on my 13 years in the high-powered, fast-paced corporate world, I provide valuable insight to help you gain more traction with your candidate profile. I’ve had thousands of resumes across my desk and I’ve created innovative recruitment and hiring processes for highly competitive roles.

What does that mean for you?

That I know how to identify top-tier candidates---and I know how to help you become one.

Share your resume and a target job description and I’ll tailor our sessions so that you know the best ways to highlight your skills and showcase your achievements.

My process is simple, effective, and includes:

  • Resume feedback
  • Mock interviews
  • Confident communication tips
  • Personal brand development
  • Networking guidance 
  • Career search strategy

If you are embarking on a career transition and aren't set on your target role, consider utilizing Individual Coaching or a Myers-Briggs assessment to generate and explore expanded career possibilities.