The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a personality assessment that supports self-awareness, personal and professional development, and using differences constructively. 

MBTI® is based on the personality theories of Carl Jung, and has been in effect for over 60 years. It is a valid and reliable tool used amongst 80% of Fortune 100 companies to increase employee effectiveness and establish more cohesive collaboration amongst co-workers.

Hana is a certified MBTI® Practitioner who administers the assessment, leads sessions to verify and interpret results, offers basic everyday applications of the tool, and customizes coaching sessions to apply the results to a particular situation or goal. MBTI® can be utilized on a standalone basis, or as a tool within a broader coaching engagement.

Knowing MBTI® personality type can help professionals:

  • Understand preferences and blind spots
  • Upgrade communication skills
  • Analyze the alignment of personality type with job fit
  • Recognize work and seek solutions that satisfy type preferences
  • Anticipate client needs and decision-making style

Other coaches have leveraged Hana's expertise on the MBTI framework to accelerate and supplement their client engagements.



“It’s been an eye opening experience to how out of sync I am with myself. I’ve been really lost in what I should or shouldn’t do for a very long time. Having the MBTI results to back me up should help me find my own voice in the arguments I’ve been having with myself about my career path. It’s already made a huge difference in my own confidence and ability to make informed decisions. Before I felt like I didn’t know myself or trust myself with my choices. Now I feel like I know WHY I was so stressed in the environments I was choosing. I was in the wrong field entirely.”

-Michele R, Job Seeker, New York, New York

"I gained immeasurable value in talking through the different elements of Myers-Briggs with Hana, and I feel as if the assessment itself would have been lacking and incomplete without the in-depth attention and explanation I received from Hana. Hana took the time to walk me through each pair of preferences in a thoughtful and thorough way, giving concrete examples of how each one might look in a real-life situation and really taking the time to make sure I was fully grasping the meaning of each preference as it relates to the assessment.  Hana is intelligent and compassionate, and these qualities shine through in her work as an MBTI Facilitator."

— Attorney, Boston, Massachusetts