Hana is a sought-after expert on careers, workplace culture, and pursuing dynamic success. She has been interviewed for articles published in Fast Company, the Economist, the Asana blog, the WeWork blog, and the General Assemb.ly blog, among many other publications.

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Owning Your Parental Leave

Hana collaborates with Maven Clinic on a 40-minute webinar focused on transferable tips for balancing your workload, advocating for career growth, professional fomo, and much more.

The Hidden Power In Trusting Your Gut Instincts

There’s wisdom in trusting your gut. Hana talks to Fast Company about how, in working with clients who often have big decisions to make, she’s never seen anyone go with their gut and regret the decision later.

Bouncing back from burnout

Hana talks to the Economist about how professionals can regain their energy after experiencing professional burnout, and how to create systems and implement balance to prevent burnout in the future.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Tackling Your Biggest Interview Fears

Hana shares interview tips with Washington Post to help candidates reframe their mindset to feel more in control.

How to Find a Job that Fits Your Life

In a featured post on Glassdoor, Hana outlines exercises and effective tips for professionals to examine their current role and strategically move forward.

Saying No to Anything That Isn't a "Hell, Yes” 

Hana talks to Creator, the online magazine published by WeWork, about how everyone can benefit from declining opportunities that feel lukewarm, and create career momentum when they prioritize projects that make them say, “Hell, yes!”

Scarcity Mentality: Why There's Actually Plenty To Go Around

Hana talks to the General Assemb.ly blog about decoding one’s lack mindset and instead, leading with generosity. It’s good business.

Feel the Love: How to Accept Positive Feedback at Work

Hana talks to the Asana blog about how many professionals feel uncomfortable receiving praise, and how professionals can benefit from learning to accept and internalize positive feedback at work.

Introverted or Extraverted? How to Leverage Your Energy Style

Hana writes for the blog published by the startup Shine Text about how introversion and extroversion aren’t about shyness vs. confidence, but rather are defined by whether an individual is energized by their inner or outer world. Hana suggests how introverts and extroverts can structure their workday to honor their own preferences and optimize their mental energy.

Inside the New 40-Hour Work Week

Hana talks to Apres about how employers are increasingly supportive of workers, particularly those who are parents, keeping more flexible schedules. Hana explains that instead of work-life balance, more and more professionals are pursuing work-life integration and the focus is on the result of one’s work, rather than the time an individual clocks while physically in the office.

Defining Success: Hana Ayoub

Business coach Harper Spero interviews Hana, asking about how Hana’s own work life and what advice Hana has for career-oriented individuals who want to pursue success that feels good.

8 Resolutions You Can Accomplish with what's Left of the Year

Hana explains to The Ladders the secondary benefits to your career when you take an entirely unplanned day off in Q4.

14 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Helping Other Women

Hana talks to Creator about how women entrepreneurs can create community and support systems by starting genuine dialogue. Hana discusses that powerful collaborations don’t always start with a targeted agenda; rather, they begin with curiosity.

How Talking to Passionate People Propels You Forward

A WeWork member reflects on how meeting Hana inspired her to start her own company.

8 Secret Weapons for Pitching Like a Pro

Hana talks to Creator about how she always aims to provide value in consultations with prospective clients. Hana explains that regardless of whether she is hired, the people she meets with have a sense of what working together would really be like.