“Hana was instrumental in helping me successfully navigate a difficult career transition, from getting the ball rolling, to interview prep, to negotiating the final offer. Hana’s corporate background differentiates her from other career coaches and allows her to give greater insight into the many nuances involved with switching careers. Hana gave me the confidence to pursue opportunities that I would have never considered before meeting her. It is evident from the first moment you meet Hana that she is passionate about coaching and genuinely interested in helping each of her clients become their best professional self.

— Manager, Financial Consulting, New York, New York

"She’s the type of person you hire to sharpen your emotional intelligence and create your career strategy to get ahead at work."

— Consultant, Business Strategy, Greenwich, Connecticut

Coaching has allowed me to achieve a huge promotion and significant increase in total compensation. Hana gave me the encouragement to ask for what I felt was reasonable. Hana provided very solid advice on how to approach the conversations and negotiations. She made herself available on short notice to accommodate my busy schedule, despite her busy schedule. Hana was a great listener and she made an effort to tailor her advice to make sure it was relevant and useful.”

— Vice President, Financial Software, New York, New York

“I seriously could not have done this without Hana. Hana gave me the confidence I needed to make a bold, badass move. I think about where I was when we started our sessions and where I am today—it’s incredible. Thank you, Hana, for giving me the confidence and tools I needed to put myself first!”

— Vice President, Investment Management, New York, New York

"Hana's enthusiasm for coaching is contagious. She energized and inspired me to obtain clarity around my goals. What were merely thoughts a few months ago are now reality and I couldn't be more thrilled."

— Analyst, Investment Compliance, New York, New York

"Hana helped me gain clarity and direction while I was going through a professional transition. She made it manageable and interesting to work through a process that felt overwhelming and confusing at the start."

— Office Manager, Portfolio Management, New York, New York


“I think Hana's best quality is her ability to listen, and then make really deep and important connections that I was not aware of. Hana’s responses, suggestions, and feedback were things I wasn't getting from other people and the things she said would often surprise me for their originality and creativity. I really liked our sessions for this reason because I knew I would come away with new ideas and look at things in a totally new light. I would recommend Hana to anyone aspiring to take their career to the next level.”

— Director of Operations, Technology, New York, New York

“Hana was open and honest, and importantly, helped me achieve my goal without any judgment. Speaking to Hana was easy; she has a soothing personality and has great listening skills. The coaching sessions have fully equipped me to face the biggest obstacle I envision myself ever dealing with, and the results have made my life much easier. Coaching allowed me to learn more about myself. Hana's coaching style is structured, flexible, and motivating.”

— Region Director, Healthcare Management, New York, New York

"I consulted with Hana on improving my interview technique - she helped me be more concise in discussing my background and emphasizing the skills I can bring to my future potential employer. Hana's coaching style is engaging, interactive, and focused. She has strong emotional intelligence. I would highly recommend Hana because she is very approachable, a great listener and insightful."

— Vice President, Business Development, New York, New York

Hana helped me to systematize the process of exploring new career options and created a step-by-step roadmap that focused my efforts and made the task much more manageable. I am now able to recognize the avenues open to me, but also have the tools necessary to narrow my search based on my personal interests and tastes.

— Associate, Private Equity, New York, New York

Hana was professional, caring and truly helped me land on my feet. I was skeptical about working with a career coach and I am sure there are many out there who may not make you feel as comfortable and normal as Hana did, especially when you feel completely lost. Sitting down with her and evaluating thoughts helps you focus in on what you really want to do with your career. She has a natural gift and I highly recommend working with her.

— Associate, Communications, New York, New York