“Hana’s support is great for someone who is at an inflection point in their career.”

  • Associate, Public Relations

“Coaching has allowed me to achieve a huge promotion and significant increase in total compensation. Hana gave me the encouragement to ask for what I felt was reasonable.”

  • Vice President, Financial Software

“Hana’s responses, suggestions, and feedback were things I wasn't getting from other people and the things she said would often surprise me for their originality and creativity.”

  • Director of Operations, Technology

“Hana’s corporate background differentiates her from other career coaches and allows her to give greater insight into the many nuances involved with switching careers.”

  • Manager, Financial Counseling

“One of the most valuable things Hana taught me was how to be truly present and pay attention to how I felt throughout my day. What moments do I feel engaged? When am I “turned on” by the work that I am doing? When do I feel the opposite? This subtle practice has had one of the most profound effects on how I move through the world.”

  • General Counsel and Chief Operations Officer, Legal Recruiting

I left Hana's office feeling more intentional, excited, and inspired during a particularly directionless and confusing stage in my career.”

  • Illustrator and Author, Publishing

“Hana has helped me sort through my thoughts, put away fears and doubts about myself, and create a clearer picture of how I should continue my career.”

  • Senior Manager, Product Marketing